About Remy

Remy Wilinger is a Professor at Strasbourg University, Strasbourg, France. Since 1992 he manages a research team of about fifteen researchers working on head-Neck Impact Biomechanics. The activity ranges from in vitro and in vivo biological tissues identification and modelling to human body characterization and FE modelling. Once validated the numerical models are used for extensive real world accident simulation in order to derive tolerance limits relative to specific injury mechanisms.

Main results concern advanced adult and children head-neck models and improved model based injury criteria for skull fracture, subdural haematoma, neurological injury as well as whiplash injury. Human models are also coupled to protective systems in the automotive environment and helmet industry in order to optimise protection in respect to biomechanical criteria.

One of his key results is SUFEHM (Strasbourg University FE Head Model), a head injury prediction tool widely transferred to automotive and helmet industry. In this area, original evaluation methods lead to proposals for new test methods for, cyclists and motorcyclist protection known under CERTIMOOV.COM, a helmet rating platform dedicated to consumer as well as helmet manufacturers. Currently, Remy is member of Working Groups in several standard bodies, such as CEN, ECE, ISO and ASTM.