Peter Halldin, Chief Science Officer, MIPS AB & Chair of CEN (the European standards working group)

About Peter

Peter HaldinPeter Halldin is an Assistant Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Sweden. He is also one of the funders to the company MIPS AB and has been working part-time in the company since 2001.

His background is in head and neck injury biomechanics and since 1995 has been working to better understand how to protect the head and spine. Peter's research has for 20 years been focusing on helmet test methods and how to design safer helmets. A lot of the research has been on how to take the knowledge from real accident situations and simulate the real accident in the test laboratory.

Since 2012, Peter has also been the convener for one of the working groups within CEN TC158/WG11. WG11 has been focused to design a test method that is mimics a realistic oblique impact situation without making the test too complicated or expensive.